Another joke!

A man was discovered on a desert island after many years. His rescuer saw that he had built three wooden huts, so asked him what they were for and he replied “That one is my home and shelter, and that one beside it is the little church I built for myself.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” said the rescuer, “but what’s that third one then?”

“Oh, THAT!? That’s the church I used to go to!”

A joke!!!

Just a wee joke that sprang to my mind, from ages ago. Apologies if you’ve already heard it but it’s to lighten the mood (though there may be a lesson in it!):

A good and faithful Baptist pastor died and found himself in heaven, where an angel welcomed him and started to give him a tour. He found himself taken into a huge hotel-like mansion with many corridors and many large rooms. The angel brought him to one door and said “This room is for the Baptists. You can worship here just the way you’re used to doing. Our Lord wants everyone to be happy and comfortable, but with all eternity ahead, you are always welcome to visit any other rooms and join in with other forms of worship. There are rooms for the Presbyterians, Methodists, Southern Baptists, Moravians, Lutherans, Quakers, you name it, you’ll find it!”

“I can see now that ‘in my Father’s house, there are many rooms’ indeed!” said the pastor with delight. “I had a Presbyterian friend, and it was always refreshing to visit his church. I’ll look forward to it all.”

“And I’ll show you now to your own room,” said the angel. “Follow me…” As they passed one room with a closed door, the angel dropped to a hush and said “one rule: you must pass this room VERY quietly at all times.”

“Why?” he whispered back. “What’s in there?”

“That’s the room for the Free Presbyterians. They think they’re the only ones here.”