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Excellent blog from a culture that I do not understand but a human plea that I know I CAN empathise with. How could I not?

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It doesn’t seem so long ago that death was something shocking and emotional.

What happened to us?

Several months ago I responded to a house for a baby in distress, but by the time I had arrived, there was no more distress.

The baby was dead.

A formerly healthy two month old baby was dressed in her onesie, laying on her back with her arms to her side, eyes closed as if she was asleep. One could imagine she was asleep, without having to use much imagination.

As teams of first responders made their way through the house, the mother, a teenager herself, pecked away on her phone with enough seeming disinterest that part of me wanted to slap her upside her head. The baby’s grandfather couldn’t wait for all of us to leave, because he had to water his flowers. He left at one point to go and…

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Why do people leave a church? It’s their own fault of course!!

This was written four years ago, but it is a point to make and to be considered that is timeless…

Enough Light

An article by Thom Rainer has really set me off. I’ve been walking around my house tense and muttering. My dog wonders what is wrong with me. Here is the article: The Main Reason People Leave a Church.  Grrrr… Where to start? I am angry.

In a way, I have already thoroughly responded to this article! See my post: Does your church make people jump through hoops? Stop it!.  And this article by another blogger expands on my post with some analysis: My wish for the contemporary Evangelical church.

Essentially Thom Rainer is saying that the reason people leave a church…is their own fault! Isn’t the point of an exit interview to listen and learn? And not to just “go on the defense” and place all the blame on the leaver?

Certainly there can be demanding people out there with unrealistic expectations – I do agree…

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The Women’s March – A Different Perspective

I’ve been expressing support for the Women’s Marches, but from the ‘wrong’ body (though I will always argue that empathy is universal). Here’s the opinion of an old blogger friend who inhabits the right body…

Everyone Has A Story...

Dad's mother and his best Father's Day gift ever, me. Dad’s mother and his best Father’s Day gift ever, me. There’s a lot of debate going on about The Women’s March, which has, to some degree, fueled the very harsh reactions to Donald Trump’s presidency. There’s the assumption that only Hillary Clinton supporters, or pro-choice people were lining those streets. That’s actually not true.

There’s one letter in particular circulating where a woman named Christy says, among other stuff, that this march wasn’t hers because she is anti-abortion, and if all women made good decisions in their lives, like she did, they wouldn’t need this extreme form of birth control. Yikes.

After my last rant, I prayed that God would remind me how to write womens-marchcorrectly, and not fly off the handle like a ranting lunatic. Wisdom from above is always gentle and encourages peace between us, and clearly, I wasn’t being gentle or peaceful when I wrote those posts…

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