Hypocrisy 2

Just as I completed the previous blog entry on hypocrisy, the fantastic news broke that Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been released from prison in Iran. Those of us who wrote to the relevant authorities or lobbied for him can take comfort in knowing that our actions and prayers worked. Facing a death penalty for apostacy against Islam, the Iranian authorities finally reduced it to a charge of evangelising Muslims, which carried a 3 year sentence, just the amount of time he has already served!

In my letter to the Iranian embassy, I highlighted such hypocrisy: for a government committed to a particular faith, to have the right to institute it as a national religion, yet deny any individual a right to even just BE of another faith, let alone practice theirs…

May no Christian ever treat ANYONE of another faith with such disrespect, disregard or even double standards. Let us maintain the standard set by our Lord, who pleaded for the forgiveness of those who crucified him.

Grace be with you.

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