The Alternative Nativity

“And so it came to pass that the Lord decided it was about time he made himself known on Earth to all those unbelievers (and the hypocritical ‘believers’) and would take the form of a man, and so he was born of a woman who lived in a palace in Jerusalem who had her courtiers proclaim to the nation that he was arriving. Along with the wealthy nobility of the country, all the priests and all the religious leaders and synagogue elders attended. Rulers came from neighbouring nations: all were amazed at how the glory shone from this baby when they saw him. It was clear he was divine. And they bowed in worship.

But Herod was jealous and came with his army to deal with this usurper to his throne. As he neared, the baby sat up on his mother’s lap and with a single gesture of his hand, commanded lightning from heaven to smite Herod and blind him, and all were in awe at his power. And Herod had to bow his knee to this child, who before their eyes, climbed down from his mother and began to grow. In seconds he had become a handsome and striking man, and began to speak his commands to all, and as he spoke, his voice grew in volume until the whole earth shook and everyone in every place heard his words.”

(The book of the alternatives, Chapter 1)

In every aspect, how does our nativity story (the real one) differ from this ideal? Why did the creator of the universe choose to become a tiny defenceless baby, totally dependent upon humble, ordinary, poor parents to tend to him and protect him, feed and clothe him, and take the usual lifetime to raise him to be the man he became? Answer these questions and you shall grasp some of the true awe and wonder of the story of his birth.

Grace be with you at this time of year.

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