Things I detest….

Here are 6 things I detest, 7 that I despise [see what I did there?]…

in no particular order…


Country Music

Inconsiderate drivers

Cold, wet summers

Cruelty to children

Cruelty to animals

People who say that the Bible has been altered and edited by “the church” (as if there ever was only one single ‘church’ on Earth, other than the physically intangible true church known only to God), in order to make it conform to what “the church” wants to preach. Such people know nothing of the Bible or its history, and just repeat what some idiot said, like bleating lambs. There is so much tradition and so many practices within churches that can be wiped away with just one brush of a proper reading of scripture, so my Bible does not serve self-seeking preachers or pedlars of falsehood (or practically any denomination you care to name – not one of them has the monopoly of truth). In fact, self-serving charlatans truly fear those of us who know it well, so keep reading it, brothers and sisters, and challenge them!

These same naysayers of scripture often then go on to say “sure it contradicts itself!” SO, what is it, then? IF it has been doctored and edited, how come there are ‘contradictions’ in it? We certainly didn’t do a very good job, then, did we? These difficult passages that seem to cancel each other out are just the complexities within the mind of God that we see as contradictions, when in fact they are truths that balance to create the universe around us. Nonsense, you say? Ask any quantum physicist about the duality of light, and be prepared for a wacky conversation!

When a Muslim says to me that his Koran goes right back to the seventh century and is attestable, I do not deny that or try to undermine it; I am certain it actually recorded the very words of Muhammad. I can make better arguments against Islam than “oh your Koran is all made up by scholars over the centuries!” Please afford my scripture the same respect since it is all attested back to the first century. That which could not be attested was rejected!

Grace be with you.

P.S. we actually had a pastor in our church recently who converted from Islam. We couldn’t record his face or name since he is in danger in his native Pakistan. He said that he memorised the entire Koran, and nowhere did it say that infidels must be killed, but it has been the interpretation of a verse or verses about the wrath of Allah that has led most of the main schools of thought within Islam to state that such a death penalty should exist. Same problem there, then?

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