The ‘Crux’ of the Matter

Yesterday was a crunch day for me.

35 years ago someone I loved turned against me. After some rage, I forgave them; I think I know why they did it.

A year ago my own brother did the same and joined that person to become a crowd. I forgave him; it wasn’t really a sound mind at work.

I had one old friend who was always on my side but yesterday I discovered they had inexplicably joined the crowd too. I think I understood the reason for their switch so I forgave them as well.

I felt alone. The crowd engaged the authorities and swelled in power.

I saw the rage. They were putting the cross together and grabbing hold of the nails.

Father, forgive them. They really don’t know what they’re doing.

This! This is the peace that I had asked others to pray to God for me, which he would give me. This I find in the midst of the raging storm, to forgive and not to forego love, to refuse to join in the rage. To end the hate, at MY cross.

I follow Brian Zahnd on Twitter. I met him briefly in Armagh quite recently and had a meaningful chat. His latest blog offering has just arrived in my feed; WOW!

I’m not quite sixty yet, but this!: This is my aim too. Thank you, Brian.

Please read this:

[Painting is also by John Martin Borg]

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