I am an evangelical Christian, saved from the age of 14 at a Scripture Union schools camp. I was not brought up in any denominational or doctrinal tradition (in fact my parents were entirely non-Christian throughout my life), so I have largely formed my own opinions from the scripture I have read and my own personal walk with the Lord. I have found myself at odds so often with typical Northern Ireland (and wider) evangelical opinion, that I have decided to start this blog to record my thoughts, feelings and opinions. I shall, at all times, strive to be biblically based and guided by what I believe is my own effort to “rightly divide the word of God” (as is the clichéd expression).

I did spend three years at Bible College, so my knowledge of scripture should be reasonable (compared to most people). I do not set out to be controversial, though I do find myself quite naturally at loggerheads with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. My explanation for this is that too much of our upbringing and cultural baggage influences our faith. Our opinions, decisions and lifestyle choices should be based on scripture, and NOTHING ELSE! How much I keep to that myself may be challenged, as it is within all of us to wish to cling to that which has long been familiar and comforting to us. Tradition has its place; it can be both good and bad. Though it is reprehensible, in my humble opinion, when it supersedes the written commandments and instructions of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This blog is intended to provoke thought first, reflection, and lastly reaction. How any reader reacts (or doesn’t) to what I post here is entirely within the boundaries of their own choices.

“In a free state every man can think what he wants and say what he thinks.” – Spinoza

Grace be with you.

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  1. Hi Tim, Your email will be helpful down the road. Still trying to get back to Ireland since 911.Another story.I am writing a book I hope will open a more civilized dialogue for us all! Moslems, Hindus, Catholics, Jehovahs Witnesses and prayerfully bring sense to us all if only one by one! Happy to meet you and looking forward to our acquaintanceship! Rick =)

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  2. You’re very welcome, Rick. I have NO idea why you want to come back here – I want to leave!! I’d planned to go in 2009 to France; even had a blog ‘Moving To France’! Then a brain haemorrhage and stroke stopped THAT; second blog ‘My Journey From Death’ (couldn’t really tackle much on that with all the emotions), then I started this!

    I am still an evangelical who maintains the exclusivity of my religion, but what I often try to make clear is that this does not mean I must live in enmity with anyone else. Rather, a Jesus follower must make ALL efforts to live in peace with all of mankind. The main thrust of my blog is to highlight true biblical beliefs as opposed to what denominations or pulpits might tell us.

    Oh, and my email is tim.higgins@irishrebel.plus.com


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